Timeless Thames Event Series

The Steamship PS introduces three events for Totally Thames 2020, each one documenting the metamorphosis of the River and the Docklands through time, showing them in a new light and unveiling their hidden treasures:

Timeless Thames Art Workshops

We invite the public on a walk along the Thames to see how the objects washed up on the beaches can inspire works of art at assisted drawing, painting, sculpture and writing workshops.

Timeless Thames Art Exhibition

The exhibition showcases site specific artworks by contemporary artists who engage with the local history and the heritage of the River Thames, and address modern and contemporary issues surrounding the river.

Timeless Thames Music & Spoken Word Night

Timeless Thames – an evening of talks, spoken word, folk and experimental music that relate to the human and natural histories of the Docklands and the River Thames.

Click here for a digital version of our Timeless Thames Art Workshops.

Click here to watch the online programme of the Timeless Thames Music & Spoken Word Night.

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