Mutual Agreement – A Dance Performance by Eva O. & Σofia

A dance performance by Eva O. & Σofia who won the public vote of The Steamship PS’s group show ‘100’ in June 2019 and were awarded a solo show at The Steamship PS on three dates in November 2019.
The Steamship PS, 16,17,21/11/2019

Come along and see what Eva O. & Σofia can show you. From what is available, they are making choices. From what is not available, they are making fantasies. This performance is not about them; this performance is because Eva O. & Σofia happen to be in the same place at the same time. This dance is an experience. The seasons change. They have agreed on the title. For now.

About the performers
Σofia is a dance artist based in east London. She mostly makes dances to understand life -sometimes just to enjoy it. For the past 24 years, she has been investigating ways to be in the world as a human, as a body, as a dance. Her works always derive from physicality and are often focused on kinaesthetic empathy. She aims to get bodies into dialogue. She likes bodies, games, riddles, jokes and speaking into a microphone. Sometimes she likes to sing. She always likes to dance. 

Eva O. grew up in a small town in Estonia, attending its local dance studio. She has been living in London since 2012, but sometimes still feels the northern winter in her body or hears the forests calling.  As a dancer she is now focussed on contemporary dance, performance and mindful movement practices. Fascinated with the idea of change, she likes to tailor her performances for each event and always saves space for improvisation. In recent years, her journey in dance has asked for several breaks to make sure she finds her own pace and possibilities, as she’s been accompanied by back pains. Her plan for the future is to study dance therapy.

Invisible City

A group show curated by Anna Chiarini, featuring artists Abigail Burt, Anna Chiarini, Conor O’Sullivan, Gabriela Zigova & Jelena Curcic, Gillian McIver, Eva Orupõld, Isabella Vento, Jonathan Comerford, Lucie Kordacova, Samuel Thomson, Tünde Valiszka, Xuân Sinden & Vytas, live music performance by FEMI
The Steamship PS, 10-11/05/2019

Poster and picture by Gabriela Zigova

In Calvino’s book ‘The Invisible Cities’, Marco Polo meets The Great Kublai Khan and recounts to him the beautiful, impossible cities he has travelled through.

Picture by Gabriela Zigova

‘Kublai Khan does not necessarily believe everything Marco Polo says when he describes the cities visited on his expeditions, but the emperor of the Tartars does continue listening to the young Venetian with greater attention and curiosity than he shows any other messenger or explorer of his’.

This is because Marco tells him the reasons why humans decide to create and gather in such places, reasons beyond any discomfort or crisis.

Cities are places of exchange, not only of material goods but an exchange of memories, desires, ideas, languages.

The Invisible City is the one that used to be and the one that hasn’t been built yet, it’s the city we dream to live in, the one that goes unobserved by its commuters, and the one only the fresh eyes of a traveller can see.

The Invisible City is the one that can be seen solely through an individual’s experience and the one only a collectivity can realise. The Invisible City is what hides underneath the asphalt and what floats above it. It’s the network that unites its citizens.

‘Invisible City’ hosts artists from all media that, just like Marco, can make Kublai Khan reflect upon his empire and the magic that inhabits it.

The exhibition showcases works investigating the nature of the city, its infrastructure, inhabitants, its past and future: Will the Invisible City crumble or will it escape its gnawing termites?


A group show curated by Charlie Hubbard, featuring 72 artists from all backgrounds and processes.
The Steamship PS, 21-27/06/2019

Picture by Anna Chiarini

100 is a chaotic convergence of disciplines – from drawing to painting, photography, sculpture, performance, sound and video installation, artists from all backgrounds and from around the world are exhibiting their work within 100x100x100cm in this salon style summer show.

As well as a cluster-cuddle of arts there will be the chance to vote for your favourite piece. The public’s favourite will be awarded a solo show at The Steamship PS in September 2019.

List of exhibiting artists
Abigail Burt
Amanda Hohenberg
Amelia Grace Eve
Amy Mauvan
Angelica Van Clarke
Anna Chiarini
Anna Mészáros
Armando Seijo
Ben Dniprowskij
Cathy Macadam
Charlie Hammond
Charlie Hubbard
Charlotte Clark
Chris Holley
Conor O’Sullivan
Deborah Griffin
Dibakar Das
Dominic Cabot
Eva O. + Σofia
Femi Oriogun-Williams
Gabriela Zigova
Gloria Sulli
Ieva Staikate
Isabella Vento
Jelena Curcic
Jennifer Celio
Jonathan Comerford
Jozef Popjak
Karolina Klonowska
Kimberly Dantes
Klaus Pinter
Leah Roberts
Lily Zoumpouli
Lise Boucon
Livvy Lynch + Jessi Quinlan
Llew Watkins
Louis Woodhead
Marija Mijović
Matthew Nelmes
Melanie Amber Belle
Miki Lowe
Mira Varg
Miya Gaia
Naama Yuria
Nadège Préaudat
Natalia Riabova
Nathan Baumber
Neil McAnaney
Olga Hybowska
Oliver Martyna
Oliver Pocsik
Paul Fossett
Peter Sulo
Ricardo Gil
Sam Burke
Sam Thomson
Sara True
Selva Martinez
Sophie le Roux
Steve McCracken + Tim Shaw
Tiago Silva
Thru Colours
Will Assheton
Zovinec Bos
Zuzanna Pedrasik + Chris Riant

Winners of the public vote
1. Eva O. + Σofia
2. Natalia Riabova, Selva Martinez
3. Marija Mijović
4. Charlie Hammond, Leah Roberts, Miki Lowe, Miya Gaia
5. Lise Boucon, Nadège Préaudat, Nathan Baumber, Paul Fossett, Sam Burke

Drawing Workshops

Drawing workshops, held by resident artist Anna Chiarini.
The Steamship PS, February 2018

Drawing is a means to deconstruct and rethink our surroundings, it enables us to look at the world with new, child-like eyes.

From still life to human anatomy, this short course aims to build the foundations of drawing while focusing on the individual’s sense of aesthetics, style and interests.

6th FEB : DON’T MOVE ~ drawing still life
13th FEB : DRAWING INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ~ introduction to perspective, drawing spaces
20th FEB : HUMAN BODIES ~ life model class
27th FEB : MAKING COMICS ~ approaching sequential drawing

Each class will be preceded by a short presentation, followed by practical demos and one-on-one tutoring during the class. Basic materials will be provided.

Wax Workshops

Wax modelling workshops, held by resident artist Abigail Burt.
The Steamship PS, April 2018

On this 4 week course you will spend time learning different techniques for modeling with wax. With the support of the tutor, create whatever you want, from small sculptures in wax, jewelry, plaques or other decorative items.

Skills taught include tips from traditional cultures of Nepal and India, and how to incorporate typography into a waxwork, as well as an introduction to working with plaster and wax together.

All materials and tools are provided. You will be working with a natural modeling wax made from English beeswax.

You will have the opportunity to pay for any of your pieces to be cast in bronze, costs relative to the weight of the wax.

This course is suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous creative experience required.

Florrible Gum

Performance Lecture by Sound Artist Clara Lou.
The Steamship PS, 13/08/2017

Clara Lou presents a performance lecture, Florrible Gum, the culmination of her research on sound, loops, and formlessness, undertook in Berlin, Glasgow, Manchester and London throughout spring and summer of 2018.

Clara Lou is a New York based artist who works with sound, text, and performance. She was in residence at The Steamship PS from June until August 2018.

Exchange Project presents “…in the Hands of…” at The Steamship PS

A group show presented by Exchange Project in collaboration with The Steamship Project Space.
The Steamship PS, 03/08/2018

“…in the Hands of…” is both a celebration of the made, and a vindication of the author; this exhibition privileges the voice and biography of the artist, emphasising the will and effort required to craft art from the chaos of the world, and especially in a time of extreme uncertainty. It is in the hands of the artist that we find a new view of the world, of our relations within it, of the myths and stories we tell each other and ourselves.

Bringing together the work of Maxwell Rushton, James Sirrell, Joshua Vaughan, Sera Eke, Loz T, James Boman, Klennard, and Lawrence Blackman and Adrian Del Arroyo, “…in the Hands of…” presents a range of sensitive, evocative and striking styles and approaches towards art making in 2018, from the traditional practices of printmaking and bronze work, through lo-fi collage and installation to contemporary film making.

Exchange Project
Exchange Project, founded by Joshua Freddie Vaughan and James Sirrell, begun as an arts residency program focussed specifically on helping recent arts graduates, giving them a free space for a period of 2-3 months to develop a body of work, with regular critical and technical support. The project has since evolved into a nomadic curatorial program whose purpose remains to build a support network for artists but seeks also to present works by artists from a diverse background, both national and international, with a goal of fostering a rigorous, multi-faceted engagement with contemporary art.

Summer Splash at The Steamship PS

An evening of live performance, interventions, spoken word, strange stories and peculiar poems, curated by Flying Fish & Prawnstar Poems.

The Steamship PS, 07/07/2018


We are gathering for a gentle lavender summer evening in our Project Space in Poplar to listen and hang out. We have invited some of our favourite poets, storytellers and live makers to share – it will be a really cosy affair experimenting with what we can make happen with words or bodies.

On deck we have:

James Massiah and a roaming river of semiotics

Livvy Linch and upside down, head over heels actions

Edie Edmundson and extraterrestrial charm

Moa Johansson and dazzling disco moves

Zoe Tsavdarides and tentacular speech patterns

Aidan Strudwick and fluorescent surprises

Jelena Curcic and stories from the city, stories from beyond the seven seas

Amanda Mandala as MC PinkBait and MC Panini (in collaboration with Joe Campbell)

Maria Inkoo Storms The Steamship PS

Performance by Maria Inkoo, Hugo and Nebula, Forest Fool/Marcus Engwall.
The Steamship PS, 03/03/2018

Maria is storming London this snowtime!
She will manifest in the galley of The Steamship PS, our new favorite punk art maritime hangout in Poplar, joined by many other exquisite creatures. Featuring Hugo and Nebula, Forest Fool/Marcus Engwall.

Maria Inkoo
Maria Inkoo is an ecofeminist pop punk band – most of all a live band, somewhere between a gig and live art, using movement, spoken word, insane repetition, electric guitar, bass, drum machine etc.

Manifesto – A Dance Performance by Sofia Filippou

MANIFESTO is part of a research project that asks the questions: What would a history of Improvised Dance look like?
Performance by Sofia Filippou, Costume Design by Ieva Stakaitė.
The Steamship PS, 16/02/2018

MANIFESTO is just a dance performance. Or a just dance performance. The performer will take the stage for 60 minutes accompanied by a costume with strong attitude and a short set of strict instructions. No choreography; no music; no limits.

The Score
Time: 60 minutes
Space: The Steamship
Costume: Turquoise fabric, black and white balls
Exploration: “What if I is the reconfiguration of 53 million cells at once?” (Deborah Hay)

Focusing on the idea that the I who dances (in this case, myself), is the reconfiguration of 53 million cells at once, poses a range of questions that I would like to explore in this improvisation: How would that affect the way I move and experience movement? Can I consciously move through every cell as they constantly move in space in relation to each other and their environment? Is it possible to lead my awareness outside of the corporeal borders? Can I bridge the gap between internal sensation and its translation into movement in space? What are the possibilities of being a moving body?

The Doings: Jumping, Turning, Rolling, Stillness, Breathing, Isolation or coordination of body parts*, circular or linear movements, semicircles, spirals, meditation, stretching, handstands or other forms of light acrobatics, singing, talking, stomping, laughing, sitting, bending, walking, blinking, frowning, squatting, waving, folding, twisting, seeing, vibrating, entering, exiting.

NOTE: There can be any possible combination of The Doings within the sixty minutes of the performance.
NOTE 2: There is no guarantee that all The Doings listed above will be used within the sixty minutes of the performance. New Doings might emerge in the process.

*Body parts include: arms, fingers, fingernails, tendons, organs, bones, legs, toes, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks, tongue, teeth, hair, feet, heels, toes, knees, legs, thighs, hips, pelvis, head, brain, nerves, ears, elbows, chin, stomach, bellybutton, breasts, shoulders, vocal chords, nostrils, palm, neck, shin, waist, wrists, armpits, chest, calf, face, jaw, moustache, lips, knuckles, mouth, forehead, calves, forearms.

Warning: Movement vocabulary may contain traces of classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance techniques such as: release, Limon, Graham, Cunningham, Gaga, contact improvisation; Argentine tango, salsa, capoeira.