All the Time in the World

‘All The Time In The World’, curated by Gabriela Zigová, is a group show by The Steamship Collective presenting a selection of artworks created during lockdown (April 2020 – April 2021).
The Steamship PS, 08-22/05/2021

An empty city and a full house, a house that is a home filled with people who are alone. Being locked in one place but travelling the world via google maps, creating fictional holidays or building a new home. Watching the housemates. Creating raves to enjoy amongst themselves or trying to clear the mind through forest walks. Sinking into stories and dramas, transferring them to psychedelic experiences where nothing makes no sense. A seemingly endless circle of ups and downs lived for one year in a community of artists – and all the time in the world. 

Exhibiting Artists
Abi Burt, Edie Flowers, Charlie Guy & Otto Taylor, Jordan Hall, Anna Chiarini, Ieva Stakaitė (with Tamsin Kavanagh & We Are Replica), Peter Sulo, Gabriela Zigová

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