Mutual Agreement – A Dance Performance by Eva O. & Σofia

A dance performance by Eva O. & Σofia who won the public vote of The Steamship PS’s group show ‘100’ in June 2019 and were awarded a solo show at The Steamship PS on three dates in November 2019.
The Steamship PS, 16,17,21/11/2019

Come along and see what Eva O. & Σofia can show you. From what is available, they are making choices. From what is not available, they are making fantasies. This performance is not about them; this performance is because Eva O. & Σofia happen to be in the same place at the same time. This dance is an experience. The seasons change. They have agreed on the title. For now.

About the performers
Σofia is a dance artist based in east London. She mostly makes dances to understand life -sometimes just to enjoy it. For the past 24 years, she has been investigating ways to be in the world as a human, as a body, as a dance. Her works always derive from physicality and are often focused on kinaesthetic empathy. She aims to get bodies into dialogue. She likes bodies, games, riddles, jokes and speaking into a microphone. Sometimes she likes to sing. She always likes to dance. 

Eva O. grew up in a small town in Estonia, attending its local dance studio. She has been living in London since 2012, but sometimes still feels the northern winter in her body or hears the forests calling.  As a dancer she is now focussed on contemporary dance, performance and mindful movement practices. Fascinated with the idea of change, she likes to tailor her performances for each event and always saves space for improvisation. In recent years, her journey in dance has asked for several breaks to make sure she finds her own pace and possibilities, as she’s been accompanied by back pains. Her plan for the future is to study dance therapy.

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