A group show curated by Charlie Hubbard, featuring 72 artists from all backgrounds and processes.
The Steamship PS, 21-27/06/2019

Picture by Anna Chiarini

100 is a chaotic convergence of disciplines – from drawing to painting, photography, sculpture, performance, sound and video installation, artists from all backgrounds and from around the world are exhibiting their work within 100x100x100cm in this salon style summer show.

As well as a cluster-cuddle of arts there will be the chance to vote for your favourite piece. The public’s favourite will be awarded a solo show at The Steamship PS in September 2019.

List of exhibiting artists
Abigail Burt
Amanda Hohenberg
Amelia Grace Eve
Amy Mauvan
Angelica Van Clarke
Anna Chiarini
Anna Mészáros
Armando Seijo
Ben Dniprowskij
Cathy Macadam
Charlie Hammond
Charlie Hubbard
Charlotte Clark
Chris Holley
Conor O’Sullivan
Deborah Griffin
Dibakar Das
Dominic Cabot
Eva O. + Σofia
Femi Oriogun-Williams
Gabriela Zigova
Gloria Sulli
Ieva Staikate
Isabella Vento
Jelena Curcic
Jennifer Celio
Jonathan Comerford
Jozef Popjak
Karolina Klonowska
Kimberly Dantes
Klaus Pinter
Leah Roberts
Lily Zoumpouli
Lise Boucon
Livvy Lynch + Jessi Quinlan
Llew Watkins
Louis Woodhead
Marija Mijović
Matthew Nelmes
Melanie Amber Belle
Miki Lowe
Mira Varg
Miya Gaia
Naama Yuria
Nadège Préaudat
Natalia Riabova
Nathan Baumber
Neil McAnaney
Olga Hybowska
Oliver Martyna
Oliver Pocsik
Paul Fossett
Peter Sulo
Ricardo Gil
Sam Burke
Sam Thomson
Sara True
Selva Martinez
Sophie le Roux
Steve McCracken + Tim Shaw
Tiago Silva
Thru Colours
Will Assheton
Zovinec Bos
Zuzanna Pedrasik + Chris Riant

Winners of the public vote
1. Eva O. + Σofia
2. Natalia Riabova, Selva Martinez
3. Marija Mijović
4. Charlie Hammond, Leah Roberts, Miki Lowe, Miya Gaia
5. Lise Boucon, Nadège Préaudat, Nathan Baumber, Paul Fossett, Sam Burke

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