Wax Workshops

Wax modelling workshops, held by resident artist Abigail Burt.
The Steamship PS, April 2018

On this 4 week course you will spend time learning different techniques for modeling with wax. With the support of the tutor, create whatever you want, from small sculptures in wax, jewelry, plaques or other decorative items.

Skills taught include tips from traditional cultures of Nepal and India, and how to incorporate typography into a waxwork, as well as an introduction to working with plaster and wax together.

All materials and tools are provided. You will be working with a natural modeling wax made from English beeswax.

You will have the opportunity to pay for any of your pieces to be cast in bronze, costs relative to the weight of the wax.

This course is suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous creative experience required.

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