Summer Splash at The Steamship PS

An evening of live performance, interventions, spoken word, strange stories and peculiar poems, curated by Flying Fish & Prawnstar Poems.

The Steamship PS, 07/07/2018


We are gathering for a gentle lavender summer evening in our Project Space in Poplar to listen and hang out. We have invited some of our favourite poets, storytellers and live makers to share – it will be a really cosy affair experimenting with what we can make happen with words or bodies.

On deck we have:

James Massiah and a roaming river of semiotics

Livvy Linch and upside down, head over heels actions

Edie Edmundson and extraterrestrial charm

Moa Johansson and dazzling disco moves

Zoe Tsavdarides and tentacular speech patterns

Aidan Strudwick and fluorescent surprises

Jelena Curcic and stories from the city, stories from beyond the seven seas

Amanda Mandala as MC PinkBait and MC Panini (in collaboration with Joe Campbell)

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