Manifesto – A Dance Performance by Sofia Filippou

MANIFESTO is part of a research project that asks the questions: What would a history of Improvised Dance look like?
Performance by Sofia Filippou, Costume Design by Ieva Stakaitė.
The Steamship PS, 16/02/2018

MANIFESTO is just a dance performance. Or a just dance performance. The performer will take the stage for 60 minutes accompanied by a costume with strong attitude and a short set of strict instructions. No choreography; no music; no limits.

The Score
Time: 60 minutes
Space: The Steamship
Costume: Turquoise fabric, black and white balls
Exploration: “What if I is the reconfiguration of 53 million cells at once?” (Deborah Hay)

Focusing on the idea that the I who dances (in this case, myself), is the reconfiguration of 53 million cells at once, poses a range of questions that I would like to explore in this improvisation: How would that affect the way I move and experience movement? Can I consciously move through every cell as they constantly move in space in relation to each other and their environment? Is it possible to lead my awareness outside of the corporeal borders? Can I bridge the gap between internal sensation and its translation into movement in space? What are the possibilities of being a moving body?

The Doings: Jumping, Turning, Rolling, Stillness, Breathing, Isolation or coordination of body parts*, circular or linear movements, semicircles, spirals, meditation, stretching, handstands or other forms of light acrobatics, singing, talking, stomping, laughing, sitting, bending, walking, blinking, frowning, squatting, waving, folding, twisting, seeing, vibrating, entering, exiting.

NOTE: There can be any possible combination of The Doings within the sixty minutes of the performance.
NOTE 2: There is no guarantee that all The Doings listed above will be used within the sixty minutes of the performance. New Doings might emerge in the process.

*Body parts include: arms, fingers, fingernails, tendons, organs, bones, legs, toes, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks, tongue, teeth, hair, feet, heels, toes, knees, legs, thighs, hips, pelvis, head, brain, nerves, ears, elbows, chin, stomach, bellybutton, breasts, shoulders, vocal chords, nostrils, palm, neck, shin, waist, wrists, armpits, chest, calf, face, jaw, moustache, lips, knuckles, mouth, forehead, calves, forearms.

Warning: Movement vocabulary may contain traces of classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance techniques such as: release, Limon, Graham, Cunningham, Gaga, contact improvisation; Argentine tango, salsa, capoeira.

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